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Established as a known fixture in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX communities for quality coverage, Texas Tuff Stain and Seal is your go-to for all staining, power/pressure washing, and sealing services. Specializing in preventative upkeep as well as rectifying current issues that commonly plague many properties, we are proud to include both residential and commercially-scaled projects as areas of our sealing, staining and power washing expertise.


When it concerns the integrity, aesthetics, and overall longevity of your property and its many elements, there are precious few options available that can match the appeal, luster, and durability that our professional staining services cover for local residential and commercial properties. Whether we are tasked with staining certain exterior features such a fence, patio, gazebo, or pergola, or exploring an all-inclusive staining project that includes multiple elements outside, you can safely rely on the experience and effectiveness of our in-house staining specialists.


As the days progress and your property’s decking system is exposed to the elements (rain, sleet, snow, hail, dirt, debris, etc) on a daily basis, it’s essential to adopt a proactive/preventative approach towards its overall upkeep & maintenance. Often, this can be best accomplished through routine/consistent cleaning services that are in-depth, thorough, and embody quality. (Such as those offered through our extensive pressure/power washing coverage we offer for local deck, fence, driveway, outdoor kitchen, & patio systems!)


By adopting a very property-specific approach towards affecting the various staining, power/pressure washing and sealing services my company is renowned for, I’ve managed to innovate and streamline my staining & power/pressure washing services with astounding results in both consistency and promptness.

Being a local resident and business owner here in the Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas area, I can truly appreciate the necessity for punctual and dependable services; especially when it concerns the protection and longevity of my property and its many exterior elements. It only makes sense that my company’s capacity for quality staining & power/pressure washing services would naturally follow suit. When my staining, power/pressure washing, or sealing services are commissioned by a residential homeowner or by a fellow business operator of a local commercial property, I make it a point to treat each staining/power-pressure washing project as equally important.

Why Staining Is Important

As many homeowners and fellow businesses here in Texas will likely agree, we see our fair share of climate diversity, temperature fluctuations, and inclement weather. Which can (and likely will) ravage the exterior elements of any given property; regardless if it is residential or commercially scaled. One surefire way to successfully combat this inevitability is to weigh what avenues are available in the form of preventative preparation, upkeep, and/or maintenance. In our experience, one of the most tried, tested, and proven methods of keeping our Texas elements at bay is to implement staining application(s) to areas that are causes for concern. Doing so can drastically extend the longevity of an exterior element by keeping it from deteriorating, rotting, fissuring, cracking, splitting, or splintering. Not to mention the overall appeal and aesthetic value a properly stained exterior element can add to most any property.

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Protecting Your Investment

As many local Dallas/Fort Worth, TX residents will attest to, our great state is renowned for some of the most scenic landscapes, scrumptious foods, seasonal enjoyment/activities, and brag-worthy communities as anywhere in the world. However, as with most anything, there is a balance in life and this can often be expressed by the severity of our inclement weather and the overall tempestuousness of winterly/summerly climate. That is why it is essential to not only protect the assets, investments, and resources of your property but to also embrace a proactive and preventative approach as well.

How this is best achieved can be expressed in many ways, such as pressure/power washing your property’s exterior elements on a regular/routine basis or applying a water & UV ray-resistant staining application on the hardscaped features (pergola, decks, patios, gazebos, etc) of your home’s outdoor layout. When endeavoring to protect your decking or fence system, custom pergola/gazebo, or personalized patio/porch from the harshness of our sweltering Texas summers or the winterly onslaught of snow and frigid temperatures, it’s always prudent to explore what options are available in the forms of preventative protection. Such as that found in quality staining products as well as commissioning professional staining services.

With that in mind, my company has extensive experience in many staining applications that are specifically designed and scientifically proven to extend the longevity of the many “stainable” or “sealable” aspects of your property’s exterior: gazebo staining, patio staining, porch staining, pergola staining, fence staining, and deck staining to name but a few. Also included in our staining coverage is not only an attention to detail that is largely unmatched but adherence to quality and an all-inclusive approach that many of my clients find equally financially rewarding as it is refreshingly reliable.