About Texas Tuff Stain and Seal

For over thirty years strong, our company, Texas Tuff Stain and Seal, has been a leading provider of quality staining, pressure/power washing and sealing services for the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas communities. During our tenure of top-notch service professionals, we've had the great fortune to not only grow and adapt as a quality service provider but we've also had the opportunity to pioneer many innovative methods and application techniques to ensure absolute satisfaction. We understand that each property, project, and client is inherently unique in their specific staining, pressure/power washing or, sealing requirements and it's imperative to fulfill said with adaptability and often more than a little ingenuity. For the convenience of our local clients, customers, residents, and fellow business owners, we've briefly outlined our particular areas of expertise in the staining, pressure/power washing, and/or sealing industry.


Staining Services

Fence Staining

Pergola Staining

Gazebo Staining

Deck Staining

Porch Staining

Patio Staining

Garage Door Staining

Shutter Staining

Washing Services

Fence Washing

Pergola Washing

Gazebo Washing

Deck Washing

Porch Washing

Patio Washing

Garage Door Washing

Shutter Washing

Sealing Services

Fence Sealing

Pergola Sealing

Gazebo Sealing

Deck Sealing

Porch Sealing

Patio Sealing

Garage Door Sealing

Shutter Sealing

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